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Is it worth consulting a Lawn Expert?

If you are struggling with unhealthy aspects of your lawn it might be advisable to seek a second opinion on these issues.

The Lawn Healer is an expert in the field and will be happy to attend your premises and conduct a free lawn survey. With a consultation with yourself we will be able to identify the problems and arrive at a program to dramatically improve the health of your lawn.

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Can I get rid of the weeds in my lawn?

The correct answer is yes, though as long as you are quite happy to investigate the actual weeds in your lawn, you might end up spending a lot of time and money investing in a product that will not work.

TheLawnHealer advise is to mow in the correct fashion, ie height and frequency, but weeds are a ever presence and we would advise that you contact us for advise on a yearly programme that is designed not to allow the weeds to get a hold on the lawn in the first instance.

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How often should I mow my lawn?

The right answer here is as much as possible during the growing seasons; however our busy lifestyles prevent us from doing this.

The blades of your mower should be kept nice and sharp and the length of grass to a good healthy height, (around 5cm). If you could find the time to cut the lawns twice a week that’s great, though TheLawnHealer recommends at least once a week and never take too much off the blade of grass, the advice really is little and often.

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Should I need to aerate my Lawn?

Most mature lawns will need some form of aeration due to years of compaction from mowing and also just playing on the lawns.

This is an important process in the plan to improve the lawns health. Aeration should be done in the growing seasons punching holes or plugs into the surface. The turf will spread into these holes taking advantage of the new oxygen, water and fertilisers fallen into these new spaces. The Lawn Healer employs the latest technology and machinery and will efficiently aerate your lawn.

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Is there a secret to a lush lawn?

Well unfortunately there is no secret, just plenty of hard work and patience.

A lawn expert will be able to advise you of the right balance in terms of mowing, fertilisation, aeration and irrigation. Lawns are a living thing and like humans, lawns too need the right balance of nutrients to be healthy. The Lawn Healer will be more than happy to put together a yearly programme that will help create that perfect lawn.

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Should I regularly water the lawn?

There is a good rule of thumb that a lawn should receive around 4 cm of water per week. In summer we might actually get some sunshine and dry weather and therefore you’d be wise to water your lawn to make up for the lack of rainfall.

However differing soil bases will determine the level of water to be applied, the more clay base the less water needed, the more sandy base you should apply a little more. Again TheLawnHealer will be able to guide you as to what you soil base is and design a programme to suit your particular lawn.

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Is it expensive to employ a Lawn Care Expert?

Most people will buy their lawn care products from the local garden centre where they will be purchasing very expensive fertilisers that might not be suitable to the lawns they have at home.

Worse still this expensive fertilizer might be applied unevenly those compounding the problems in the lawn, costing ultimately more to resolve. The Lawn Healer uses professional grade fertiliser that is only available to professional qualified companies and have more advanced nutrient bases. They are also applied by experts who will use the latest technology available on the market. All this will put together and you have treatments from £14.00, cheaper than actually buying it from the garden centres.

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What causes thatch in my lawn?

Firstly, we should describe what thatch in the lawns actually is. A small level of thatch is essential for a healthy lawn. However, over time some lawns begin to have a build up of a spongy dead layer of grass shoots and roots that lie directly at the top of the soil bed.

This occurs when the lawns grass roots are producing faster growth than what is actually being broken down naturally, creating a kind of over crowding effect. When this layer begins to be deeper than 2-3cm it is at this level when thatch becomes adherent to the health of the lawn. So what causes this dead layer of grass?

  • Being fertilised by too strong a nitrogen base
  • Severely compacted soils thus creating a slow down in the breakdown of the organic matter and poor drainage.
  • Over watering of the lawn
  • Cutting the lawn too high with blunt blades.

The Lawn Healer recommends de-thatching or as it is more commonly known – scarifying at least once a year, either at the end of the summer/early autumn, or early spring. We include this service in our comprehensive lawn care programme, The Healer Platinum package.

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