Comprehensive Lawn Analysis

More often than not most lawn problems can be easily identified and treated rather than the more expensive option of starting from scratch and re-turfing your lawn.

We analyse…


Lawn potential

The Lawn Healer will never promise you something that just can not be achieved through our lawn care products and services. We will assess whether a lawn has lost its ability to recover.


Lawn pests

Due to our ever changing climatic conditions lawn bugs are becoming a more common problem and their effects can be devastating to a lawn. The Lawn Healer will let you know if you have anything to be worried about and be able to implement counter measures efficiently.


Lawn diseases

There are many forms of diseases that can quickly become a major problem for lawn appearance and health. The Lawn Healer will quickly and effectively eliminate them.


Type of weeds present

Different types of weeds are more persistent than others and will require varying levels of deterrent.


Lawn condition

Is there thatch, this might need free spring de-thatching program.


Soil it’s lying on

Clay base or sandy base determines certain treatments – our expertise ensures your lawn receives the right treatment.


Grass type

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The mowing habits of yourself or your gardener are directly related to the condition of your lawn, either in a negative way or a positive way. Here we can assess to mowing techniques and offer advice on the correct procedures.



Lawns can sometimes show signs of water damage, too much watering can encourage weed development, too little will show pale signs. And water on the surface can also show signs of aeration issues

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